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Our Medical Technology

The Sports Medical Group is situated in London and works alongside the European Scanning Centre.

This company was formed in 2003 and is an established and internationally renowned diagnostic imaging centre. The European Scanning Centre (ESC) has developed a reputation for providing a high quality and professional imaging service dedicated to the needs and comfort of both patients and medical practitioners. Building upon this success, they are located in London’s world-famous Harley Street.

In order to provide a comprehensive imaging capability, we have use of a suite of scanners which is unique in the world. No other centre possesses these capabilities, which enables us to provide a distinctly superior imaging service.

The suite comprises:

  • The most advanced CT scanner which is the only one capable of imaging moving joints (Aquilion ONE 640 slice CT scanner, Toshiba Medical Systems)

Upright MRI scan .
Open and Upright MRI

An upright and open MRI scanner (MrOpen, Paramed Medical Systems) which uniquely enables imaging in an upright position which is usually that of maximum symptoms and therefore improves diagnosis. Furthermore, its completely open nature avoids any sense of claustrophobia unlike a conventional closed-bore MRI scanner

The MrOpen MRI is the only superconductive MRI scanner that enables fully open and upright imaging of the spine and joints, allowing patients to be scanned in a non-claustrophobic and full weight bearing position.
linear upright CT Scanner
EOS dual source upright CT scanner

The EOS dual source linear upright CT scanner is a revolutionary new scanner, utilising Nobel Prize-winning ultra-sensitive detector technology, which promises to dramatically alter the way we image and diagnose spinal and posture related conditions. It is being called the 5th imaging modality alongside CT, MRI, ultrasound and x-ray.

The EOS employs two x-ray tube-detector pairs, scanning at 90° to each other that move from the top to the bottom of the standing patient to generate incredibly detailed 2D and 3D images of the whole skeleton.

Cardiac Image
Cardiac Imaging Services

The ESC is one of the leading centres for cardiac imaging.

CT scanners are graded according to the number of slices of the body the rotating x-ray tube can image in one rotation. Many current diagnostic imaging units, both NHS and independent, use scanners with 16-64 slice capability; in contrast, the Aquilion ONE images 640 slices.

This allows it to scan a 16 cm volume with each rotation, covering entire organs such as the heart, brain or whole joints.